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Custom UVC Liquid Disinfection Solution

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Carlet Auguste
(202) 544-7868
This custom food safety solution was designed to deal with a water source susceptible to contamination. A relatively high dosage of UVC through a high temperature liquid, with low UV transmission, was required. The result is a system capable of treating liquid with a UVT of 90% and temperature up to 190°F at a peak flow rate of 160GPM.

Cooling shrouds were created at the lamp ends (on either end of the vessel) to keep the Amalgam (high Intensity) UVC lamps within specified operating temperature.

Lamp type, intensity and quantity were engineered to overcome the low transmission of the liquid and deliver the specified dosage.

Target Audience

Division 22 - Plumbing
Division 23 - HVAC
Division 43 - Process Gas, Liquid Handling, Purification
Division 44 - Pollution and Waste Control Equip.
Division 46 - Water and Wastewater Equipment