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UVC Water Treatment Units – Inline LS

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Carlet Auguste
(202) 544-7868
Many liquids that are almost opaque to UV can be treated inline by locating the UVC lamps very close together. In the following custom situation, 20 High Output UVC lamps were used in a 6" diameter vessel.

This tight grouping of lamps allows the UVC to effectively treat a sufficient amount of the liquid directly, without relying on the liquid's transmission, as is done with clean, clear water.

Cooling shrouds were created at the lamp ends (on either end of the vessel) to keep the UVC lamps within specified operating temperature. Typically, the liquid flowing through a vessel will act to cool the lamps sufficiently, but liquid sugar must stay hot to remain in liquid form, so external cooling of the lamps was required.

Lamp type, intensity and quantity were engineered to overcome the low transmission of the liquid and deliver the specified dosage.

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