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Project Details:
Construction of New Pine Creek Trail Office / Infrastructure - Wellsboro, Jersey Mills, Pennsylvania
Bid Date: October 15, 2020
Bid Time: 2:00 pm - Eastern Time Zone (ET)
Instructions to Bidders:
Please email all bids to:
Base Bid 1: The Work of this Base Bid consists of:
1. Ansonia Site: The construction of a new Maintenance Building, Groomer Storage Building and Wood Storage Shed. It also includes the demolition of existing 3-Sided Pole Barn.
2. Jersey Mills Site: The construction of a new Maintenance Building and 5-Bay Storage Building as well as the relocation of an existing above-ground Fuel Island.

Base Bid 2: The Work of This Base Bid consists of all the Work included in Base Bid 1 plus:
1. Ansonia Site: The demolition of an existing Maintenance Building and the construction of a new 5-Bay Storage Building.
a. Demolish the existing maintenance building only after the new maintenance building construction has been completed, granted a Certificate of Occupancy and then occupied by the Client Agency.
2. Jersey Mills Site: Same as Base Bid No. 1.

Base Bid 3: The Work of this Base Bid is the same as Base Bid 2 except that the roofing material of each building at each site shall be standing seam steel instead of asphalt shingles.
022100 Surveying
032000 Concrete Reinforcing
033000 Concrete Walls
051000 Structural Metal Framing
055000 Metal Fabrications
060000 Wood Framing Materials
061000 Rough Carpentry
071000 Waterproofing
072100 Thermal Insulation
077000 Gutters
081000 Doors and Frames
083000 Overhead and Coiling Doors
092000 Plaster and Gypsum Board
096000 Flooring
099000 Painting
101400 Signage
102000 Interior Specialties
105100 Lockers
123000 Casework
142000 Elevators
310000 Earthwork
311000 Site Clearing
321200 Asphalt Paving
321700 Paving Specialties
329000 Landscaping
330000 Utilities
To access this project and plans: