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ECMS 72351 Union Co Bridge Replacements - Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania
Bid Date: October 1, 2020
Bid Time: 11:00 am - Eastern Time Zone (ET)
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Removal of existing bridge over Sweitzers Run, construction of a 25’-0” x 7’-0” precast reinforced concrete box culvert or an approved equal, selected borrow excavation rock, base, scratch, and wearing courses, guide rail, and other related work within an overall length of 201.75 linear feet (0.038 mile) as indicated on approved drawings for TOWNSHIP ROAD T-321 (Long Road) from approximately 0.82 mile east of the intersection with State Route 104 at Station 11+00.00 to the intersection with State Route 304 at Station 14+27.58 in LIMESTONE TOWNSHIP, UNION COUNTY and for replacement of existing superstructure over Rapid Run on TOWNSHIP ROAD T-383 (Walbash Road) from approximately 125 feet east of the intersection with State Route 192 at Station 11+00.00 to approximately 2.22 miles northwest of the intersection with State Route 1002 at Station 15+65.00 in WEST BUFFALO TOWNSHIP, UNION COUNTY.
0201 Clearing and Grubbing
0311/0411 Paving
0460 Tack Coat
0491 Milling
0609 Inspector's Field Office
0620 Guide Rail
0686 Surveying
0689 CPM Schedule
0804 Seeding, Mulching, and Landscaping
0850 Rock
0867 Filter Sock
0901 Maintenance and Protection of Traffic
0962 Pavement Markings
1002 Epoxy Coated Rebar
1002 Rebar Installation
1018 Bridge Demolition
8110 Bridge Materials
8110 Crane Service
8510 Box Culvert Materials
9000 Temporary Pump Bypass
To access this project and plans: