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General Contractors

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Control your construction bidding process and benefit from our low-cost, powerful Bid Management System. Manage, organize and track bid contact information and activity while sharing project information, plans, specs, addenda and more. Many commercial general contractors utilize BidPlanroom’s user-friendly technology for their commercial construction bid process (including top 100 ENR contractors).

Subcontractors / Vendors

Join our subcontractor network for FREE and get connected! Find job opportunities and join bid lists to connect with more General Contractors. Accessing bid project information, declaring bid intentions and downloading plans is easy with BidPlanroom!

Improve Your Bid Process With BidPlanroom!

BidPlanroom is an easy-to-use web application that streamlines the commercial construction bidding process for general contractors and their subcontractors giving GCs unparalleled control over their bid projects.

BidPlanroom’s bid management system helps organize plans, subcontractors, employees and projects. Send company-branded invitations for bids and track the status and responses to bid invitations. Choose to list your projects as public or private and easily upload plans into your personalized planroom.

BidPlanroom partners with Citrix® ShareFile to provide direct access to plans for quick viewing, uploading, downloading and versioning of documents. This powerful, integrated user experience dramatically improves how general contractors and subcontractors communicate.

GC branded BidPlanrooms provide absolute FREE ACCESS to subcontractors, vendors, reprographics and more!

Efficient Workflow

Let's GCs Quickly:
Create Bid Projects
Upload Plans
Send Invitations To Bid (ITBs)
Track Bid Intentions and Subcontractor Activity
Communicate Project Changes, Addenda and Announcements
Download Custom Reports
Application Features

Bid Project Management
(Public or Private)

You have full control over the projects you list in your planroom. There are two options for listing your projects, Publicly and Privately. Listing a project publicly will give your project more exposure, and makes it easy for your subcontractors and suppliers to access your project. Listing your project privately allows you to securely hide your project from the network and only let those you invite to access the project.

Planroom Storage

Every BidPlanroom General Contractor has unlimited plan storage for every project. Upload and manage your plans with our easy to use planroom. Our planrooms support quick viewing, uploading, downloading and versioning of your documents. The BidPlanroom solution is built on Citrix® ShareFile technology, one of the nation's leading file share companies.

Invitations To Bid(ITBs)

Sending company branded ITBs is quick and easy when it’s time to invite your subcontractors to your project. There are many options for creating an invitation list for your project. You can import past project lists (or specific trades or groups from past project lists), choose from your subcontractor list filtering by trades, groups, locations and more. Your ITBs include interactive bid intention buttons, project information, instructions to bidders and any other custom message you include.

BidTracker(Project Bid List)

Your project bid list (also known as the "BidTracker") is an extremely helpful and powerful tool that allows the General Contractor to organize their project’s bidders, statistics and notes. In one screen you can view and track your bidders, non-bidders, received bids and more. You can track if and when your subs and vendors have viewed plans and declared bid intentions. You may also enter notes and manually mark bid intentions for the unresponsive subcontractors of the project.


Quickly communicate, announce changes in your project and keep your project subcontractors up to date on addenda with our correspondence notification system. You have the ability to send correspondence to everyone on your project list, or send only to specific trades in your project. In addition, users that declare "Not Bidding" will automatically be excluded from any further notifications on that project.

Email Delivery Status

Our system automatically retrieves delivery statuses on your invitation to bids (ITBS) and displays them in your project bid list "BidTracker" for easy reference. This quickly brings to the General Contractor's attention those subcontractors that may not exist anymore, or maybe just a bad email address for that contact. The bounced email address can quickly be updated and the invitation to bid re-issued.

Subcontractor Management

It's time to clean up your bid contacts list. Including contact validation and syncing options, BidPlanroom provides many intuitive tools and processes that will give your company the most organized subcontractor list it's ever had. You control your own bid contact data, but you also have the opportunity to optionally sync contact information.

Employee Management

BidPlanroom allows the General Contractor unlimited employee users. Many GC employees have different responsibilities during the bid process and that's why BidPlanroom lets you set different permissions for each user. From uploading and deleting files to creating projects and sending invitations to bid, each employee will have the control needed to achieve efficient and successful bids.

Custom Trade Management

CSI codes are time consuming to manage... Whether your company uses the original 16 divisions, the new expanded divisions, or your own custom trade categories, BidPlanroom lets you organize your bidding contacts and projects in the way you're used to. You can transition to BidPlanroom with ease by maintaining the organization that's already familiar to your company.

Application Support

Our centralized support team is always available to assist the General Contractor and their subcontractors. Even though BidPlanroom is extremely intuitive and easy to use, we want to make sure you have the confidence knowing we're here to answer any questions and assist in any way.

All BidPlanroom GC plans include:
Project Listings
(with public and private options)
Planroom Storage
(planroom files will be removed 90 days after project bid date, or if manually archived by GC)
Invitation To Bid and Correspondence Sends
GC Employee User Licenses
Also Included:
Logo Branding
(for planroom, invitations and correspondence)
Project Bid List "BidTracker"
(for tracking Sub activity and Bid Intention Responses)
Employee Permission Management
Subcontractor Management
Custom Trade and Group Management
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